Abi Nicol



Abi is drawn to the ever changing element of water, seduced by the lost worlds and hidden details found while walking along river banks and shore lines.

'Everything flows,' said Heraclitus 'everything is in constant flux, nothing is abiding. Therefore we cannot step twice into the same river. When you step into the river for the second time neither you nor the river are the same.'

It is the continual 'change' that essentially propels the artist to investigate the poetical element of water. She is drawn to light and the abstract qualities found below the waters surface in the form of pattern, reflection and diffraction.

The images invite investigation and challenge the viewers' preconcieved ideas of photography. They are printed using a giclee process, light fast inks giving true representations of the original moment of capture. No filtres or adjustments are used during the production of the work. Generally each piece is dry mounted onto a block mount to emphasize the strength of movement extracted from its original source. A smooth UV filtre is bonded to the front of the photograph to allow handling and print stability garanteed for over 100 years.

Commisions and a bespoke service is offered. Previous commissions have been printed onto glass, perspex or framed traditionally. Pieces have been made to fill entrance ways at sizes up to 4mtrs in size, enveloping the viewer with colour and texture.





96-97MA in European Fine Art. Barcelona (Winchester School of Art)
91-94BA Hons Fine Art Printmaking (Brighton University)
93-94One Year Exchange BA Hons FA Print Major (Kansas City Art Institute, USA)
I am drawn to the hidden surfaces, reflections and pattern found in water. Using my camera to capture the moment I walk along river/stream banks and beaches searching for the details held within this element. Light obviously plays a huge part in the colour pallette of the image, no two images ever the same. The photographs here are all printed true to the original. There is no manipulation of any kind. The work allows for a sense of space and calm in an often chaotic life. The images draw the viewer in and can not be fully appreciated unless seen in the flesh. Through my own art practice and teaching at Bristol School of Art, (heading the Foundation Programme) I have gainned a wealth of knowledge and interests. I have worked predominately with 35mm film and pinhole cameras, printing to a large scale (up to six ft) in size. I am intrigued by the alternative photographic processes of Van Dyke Brown, Cyanotypes and Salt Prints and the crossover between printmaking and photography. Recently my work has taken me into the digital realm, having found archival printing of the highest quality. Work is printed using light fast inks, mounted on block board raised from the wall by about 6cm. Blocks are presented with white edging. Other pieces are wrapped around its block similar in presentation to a painting on canvas. All work has a uv filter over the photographic image to allow for handling and hanging in sunny positions. Each image has an archival garantee of at least 90 years.